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Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker


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The Body in Psychotherapy

Beyond Talk By Mary Sykes Wylie

From early on, we're taught to regard all that stuff below our heads as somehow distinct from our real selves. But growing numbers of therapists are becoming convinced that the body may know more, know it more directly, and express it more honestly than the often muddled and avoidant mind.

A Different Kind of Presence By Rob Fisher

Therapy can too easily become reduced to two talking heads, spinning out tales. But treatment can be intensified and enlivened by tapping into our immediate, body-centered experience. Here are some guidelines for making that happen in the consulting room.

Caring for the Caregiver By Christine Caldwell

Feeling too much of what our clients feel can leave us exhausted and depleted. Increasing our own body awareness is essential to both effective treatment and self-care.

Therapy in 3D By Barbara Goodrich-Dunn

Since the days of Wilhelm Reich, somatic psychotherapy has existed as a somewhat estranged relative of mainstream talk therapy. But with the increased focus on the mind-body connection, it's finally time to take a look at what somatic therapists might have to teach their oh-so-talky colleagues.

Somatic Psychotherapies: A Road Map With nearly twenty different approaches, variations, and offshoots, the field of somatic psychotherapy can seem a bit bewildering to the outsider. Here's an insider's guided tour to the main figures and schools of thought in the field.

Run for Your Life By David Servan-Schreiber

Increasingly, research is showing us that exercise is a remarkably effective treatment for anxiety, depression, and a range of other symptoms--for some people, more effective than psychotherapy. …

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