Elsevier Science Releases Four New Medical Specialty CD-ROMs

Article excerpt

Elsevier Science, Secondary Publishing Division, has launched four important new medical specialty CD-ROM products: EMBASE CD: Geriatrics and Gerontology, EMBASE CD: Orthopedic Surgery, EMBASE CD: Ophthalmology, and EMBASE CD: Dermatology.

Produced in cooperation with SilverPlatter Information Inc., each title will contain a rolling ten-year file of citations and abstracts drawn from EMBASE, the Excerpta Medica database, focusing on a specific medical discipline. Records are culled from approximately 3,500 international biomedical and pharmaceutical journals. A significant percentage of these records, many containing critical drug information, is unique to EMBASE. Subscribers will receive quarterly updates consisting of approximately 15,000-20,000 records.

The user interface and coverage of these databases facilitate precise data retrieval designed to satisfy a wide range of information needs: for example, to explore broad subjects or locate specific articles, monitor developing trends, check on recently reported therapies or drug adverse reactions or interactions, or to confirm statistical information. Similar to other EMBASE CDs, these products feature record access through chemical compound and drug trade, generic, or manufacturer name. In addition more than 75 percent of-records contain full author abstracts.

EMBASE CD: Geriatrics and Gerontology covers both the clinical aspects of aging and experimental work on the aging process (gerontology), as well as diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment, rehabilitation, hospitalization, and welfare of the aged. Additional topics covered include the mental and emotional problems of the aged and social and organizational aspects of care of the aged.

EMBASE CD: Orthopedic Surgery covers both general orthopedics and diagnostic and surgical aspects of diseases and disorders of the bone and musculoskeletal system. …


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