Nevada: Wheelchair Sports Light Up Las Vegas

Article excerpt

Las Vegas, Nov., enjoys worldwide recognition as the "Entertainment Capital of the World," with world-class dining, five-star hotels and some of the most popular headliners past and present. On a smaller, but perhaps more important scale, Las Vegas is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most diverse providers of athletics in the country.

Thanks in large to the city of Las Vegas, Department of leisure Services and Adaptive Recreation Division, persons of all abilities are being aAbrded the opportunity to participate in both competitive and non-competitive arenas. No matter the interest, the Adaptive Recreation Division provides numerous activities that meet the needs of the high adventure adrenaline junkies, as well as the passive and reserved athletes.

Each year during the spring, athletes with disabilities compete in the Xtrenie Bowl, the Super Bowl of wheelchair football. In its third year, the Xtreme Bowl hosted 11 teams from around the country in a two-day event to determine who was king of the gridiron, or asphalt in the case of most wheelchair sports. The $50,000 in prize money is a draw, as was the location (the parking lot of the Rio hotel and Casino) but one quickly senses that wheelchair sports is much more than just an alternative activity for folks with disabilities. …


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