Magazine article Sunset

Letters from Our Readers

Magazine article Sunset

Letters from Our Readers

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Fun under the umbrella

Caught the article on the umbrella planter ("Sturdy Shade," july, page 76). Loved it. Below is a picture of my wife, Tiana, sitting on our new little accent spot. Best job I normally do on a project is writing the check. Cut a foot of the umbrella pole to lower. Put fern asparagus and lantana in the pot. Going to get newer cushions, but still well under $200 in project. Very pleased. Gotta run-killer sunset, headed for our new spot with a little libation.



EDITOR'S NOTE: The umbrella is anchored in a pot filled with layers of lava rock, concrete, and potting soil. The directions call for dowels to be pushed into the wet concrete to create drainage holes. The dowels should be wiggled around when the concrete is wet so they'll be easier to remove when it hardens.

Going to Del Mar? Ride the train...

Re: "A Winner by the Sea" (july, page 118). We used to go to the races every weekend by train. No freeway traffic, no parking problems. Although the new station is located in Solana Beach, it is still only a mile away and buses are available to the track. Southern California residents can board trains from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Call 800/872-7245.



...or drive the freewoy, but restrain canines

The photo was small, but it caught my eye. There it was, in "A Winner by the Sea" ( july), at the top of page 120, a dog in a top-down convertible without any kind of restraint system. Your canine companion needs a halter that attaches to the car's seat belt-and a pair of doggy goggles! …

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