Magazine article Medical Economics

A Con Man's Polished Spiel

Magazine article Medical Economics

A Con Man's Polished Spiel

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Scam artists lay careful traps. Any presentation you hear over the phone has probably been tested and polished. Many salespeople base their appeals on lengthy written scripts that have proved effective. Typically, they promise easy earnings and stress that you must act now.

Unwittingly, one salesman called the Medical Economics staffer who wrote the accompanying article. Me promised, huge profits from investing in a system that provides specialized mobile radio (SMR), a communications system that could be used by truckers and other businesses. The salesman talked for an hour, communications systems on the market. Here are excerpts from his pitch.

"Every taxi will subscribe to this new system. Every truck will subscribe. Whoever owns this system will get tremendously wealthy because you'll have companies like IBM sending you checks for all their trucks using this two-way dispatch system....

"Knowing what you know today, you probably wish you had invested in the ground floor of the cellular industry. People who invested in the cellular industry 10 years ago are millionaires and multimillionaires today.

"The same individuals who were successful with cellular are getting ready to take the next step with SMR, which is a superior technology. ... Now you have an opportunity to roll with the big boys and benefit from their knowledge and experience....

"About 16 million people use cellular phones today. it's without question an ultrasuccessful industry. …

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