Magazine article Sunset

Ultimate Easy Craft Table

Magazine article Sunset

Ultimate Easy Craft Table

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Sawhorses and vinyl covering convert an ordinary door

Although common usage would suggest otherwise, the kitchen table is not the best place for craft projects because cutting can damage its surface, measuring between salt and pepper shakers and the sugar bowl can be awkward, and mealtime always interrupts. With these drawbacks in mind, we have designed what we think is the perfect project table. You can cut on the surface without damaging it, there is a built-in tape measure, and the table can be dismantled easily and stored when it's not in use.

The base consists of two adjustable sawhorses-because counter height is more convenient for some tasks, desk height for others-but any sturdy sawhorses will do. The top is a birch hollow-core door with a flat surface. To create a smooth and durable drawing and cutting surface, we covered the door with self-healing vinyl board cover. The board cover, which comes in a variety of widths and lengths, is available from art and drafting supply stores. The closer you can get the board cover to the exact size of your door, the better. We stenciled a basic measuring system onto the board cover so that general measurements can be made without a measuring stick.

TIME: Four hours plus drying time

COST: About $175


* Self-healing vinyl board cover (from art and drafting supply stores or www

* Hollow-core door

* Two paintbrushes

* Primer (optional)

* Satin latex paint

* Two sawhorses

* Double-sided tape for vinyl board cover

*Craft knife

*Metal ruler


*Small number stencils

*Masking tape

*Spray paint

*Heavy paper or chipboard


1. Unroll the board cover on a flat surface and weight with books for several hours or overnight to smooth out before adhering it to the door.

2. Prime the edges of the door if necessary. Apply one or two coats of satin latex paint to the sawhorses and to the edges of the door. …

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