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Keeping Good Company

Magazine article Parks & Recreation

Keeping Good Company

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Jane Addams worked with some of the best in theirfield. Below is a sampling of the professionals she worked with:

Grace Abbott

* Director of the Immigrants' Protection League at Hull-House

* Appointed Director of the Federal Children Bureau

Edith Abbott

* Lead many social reform movements at Hull-House

* Dean of the School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago

Helen Culver

* Donated much money and most of the land to develop Hull-House

* Considered as one of the first business women of Chicago

Louise cleKoven Bowen

* President of the Hull-House Woman's Club * An elite philanthropist in Chicago who donated to Hull-House

John Dewey

* Served on the first Board of Trustees of Hull-House

* Leading educational philosopher at the University of Chicago who provided free and special lectures at Hull-House

Alice Hamilton

* Established a baby clinic at Hull-House

* First women professor in the Harvard School of Medicine

* Appointed to the Illinois Commission on Occupational Diseases

Florence Kelley

* Founded the Jane Club at Hull-House

* Played a major role in making Hull-House a center for research and reform

* Appointed as Chief Factor Inspector in the State of Illinois

William Lyon Mackenzie King

* Although he stayed briefly at Hull-House, he was fought against sweat-shops and advocated for labor laws

* Became Prime Minster in Canada in 1921 (and, in keeping with Hull-House ideals, improved labors laws througout Canada)

Julia Lathrop

* Inspiration behind publishing Hull-House Maps and Papers

* Appointed to the Illinois Board of Charities

* Appointed as the first Chief of the Federal Children Bureau

George Herbert Mead

* Close friend to Jane Addams

* Leading sociologist at the University of Chicago who provided free and special lectures at Hull-House

Ellen Gates Starr

* Developed art and bookbinding programs at Hull-house and was a major influence in the creation of the Butler Art Gallery at Hull-House

* Founder and President of the Public Art Society in Chicago

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