Studies in Economics and Business: Human Resources Management

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Studies in Economics and Business: Human Resource Management, by Rob Dransfield. Heinemann, 2000; paperback, 121 pages; 6.75; ISBN 0-435-33044-6 Tel 01865 314009.

Heinemann's well-known and much used series, Studies in the British Economy, is now renamed and extended to take in Business Studies. This small (AS approx.) slim text is targeted at AS and A level students but would also be useful for first year degree students or others requiring a broad but reasonably detailed coverage of the subject.

The first three chapters examine the meaning and significance of HRM and trace the development in thinking during the twentieth century concerning how people should be managed and the role they should play in businesses. This is followed by an up-to-date examination of current HRM issues and trends including flexible working, the impact of the Internet and the increasing dependence of firms on their human resources.

Chapters 4 to 8 contain a more standard explanation of the topics of Human Resource Planning, the employment procession, performance management, employee relations and employment law. The concluding chapter discusses the future and the factors that will influence and determine the success of HRM.

Key terminology in each chapter is emboldened where it occurs in the text and listed at the end for emphasis. …


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