Multi-Agency Work Boosts Environmental Stewardship

Article excerpt

The Army Environmental Center, in Aberdeen, Md., works with many federal agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Mangement, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as with small independent local agencies. Several other branches within the Army and Defense Department contribute to the AEC's environmental mission, according to Cynthia Houston, AEC's National Outreach Team Leader.

The Assistant Secretary of the Army for INstallations and environment is responsible for health, safety and logistics matters surrounding the Army, especially at the installation level. In overseeing design, maintenance and repair of buildings worldwide, this agency manages the Defense Environmental Restoration Account.

The office of installations and environment also develops safety and environmental standards for explosives, biological and chemical programs throughout the Army.

Also at the installation level, the Army Corps of Engineers designs training areas for the Air Force as well as the Army. The corps' environmental restoration duties include waterway protection and wetlands preservation.

Skilled in construction and management of local areas, the Corps of Engineers is contracted by several federal agencies, including the Army, for toxic waste management assistance, and its Civil Works division teams provide expertise in areas such as geology, forestry and archaeology. …


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