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How to Implement a No-Smoking Policy

Magazine article Personnel Journal

How to Implement a No-Smoking Policy

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Smoking bans usually cost little to implement and tend to enhance the cultural shift toward organizational health consciousness.

Most companies report that implementing a no-smoking policy through various stages helps to increase its effectiveness. Start with a situation analysis that identifies all the smoking issues involved at your particular company. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida's Guide to a Smoke-free Workplace suggests asking the following questions:

* What is your employees' understanding of existing policies?

* What is the smoking status of your employees?

* Is there a preponderance of any particular group?

* What are your employees' perceived sensitivities to tobacco smoke?

* Are there identifiable groups of employees who particularly favor or dislike certain policy options?

The most successful no-smoking policies begin with planning ahead, establishing employee committees, designating smoking areas (often outdoors only), offering smoking-cessation classes and then going to a completely smoke-free environment after giving people time to adjust.

A survey of smoking policies by Consolidated Safety Service in Oakton, Virginia, found that company presidents or CEOs were solely responsible for developing policies in 10% of the companies it polled. HR departments solely developed the policies in 18% of the companies. Other no-smoking policies were developed by a combination of senior management, HR and employees.

Although Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida's no-smoking policy was initiated by nonsmoker complaints and the company's interest in employees' health, the senior staff discussed the policy at length before implementing it. …

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