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Magazine article The Spectator

Cartoon Character

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New York

The bloom having gone off her ugliness, Barbra Streisand is suddenly a very unhappy female. She can no longer crash in the Lincoln Bedroom, the draft-dodging crook and bribe-taker is lying low in upstate Noo Yawk, and George W. Bush is working, not getting Monica Lewinskys, in the Oval Office.

Such is the disgusting one's frustration, she is planning to organise a cabal of lefties to buy a cable TV news network. This I'd love to see. Socialist propaganda emanating from Streisand's meagre brain might be a good thing for capitalism. She recently sent a scorching three-page memo to top Democrats in Washington blasting President Bush, the Supreme Court and just about everyone who voted against Al Bore. The memo, lampooned by my buddy Christopher Buckley in the Wall Street Journal, at least got this power-hungry dame some publicity.

Babs was always a caricature. An Olive Oil cartoon, with Clinton as Popeye. Only a philistine like Marc Rich's pardoner could take such a persona seriously, and he sure did. Her spokesman, one Ken Sunshine, known as the man whose face looks like the place where the sun never shines, fumed at Buckley's satire. Sunshine, you see, has no sense of humour, nor does Barbra - she, according to Jeff Bernard, of the face that closed a thousand multiplexes.

The high priestess of solipsism had it easy for eight long years while the biggest liar ever to inhabit the White House was busy besmirching the presidency. The middle-aged has-been from Brooklyn had unlimited access to the perjurer. Mind you, although she did not write her memo - a team of hacks and publicists did - anything that keeps her from singing is a very good thing.

What is truly amazing is the hypocrisy of Streisand and her Hollywood chums. She rails against those who condemned the pardons of crooks and drug lords. In other words, it is now acceptable to Hollywood types for one to become a crook and traitor, run away from the law, and use your ill-gotten gains to have a corrupt president grant you a pardon if you share some of the loot with him. These are the same people whose motion pictures depict priests as child molesters, soldiers as psychopathic murderers and small-town folk as rednecks and Nazis.

And of course they loathe George Bush. …

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