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How to Get a Grant

Magazine article Personnel Journal

How to Get a Grant

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If the programs profiled in the Rebuild America Special Report in this issue have piqued your interest, funds may be available to develop or support a program of your own.

In September, PERSONNEL JOURNAL will award grants to selected programs designed to help break down the barriers that are keeping so many Americans unemployed or underemployed. If you have an idea for a retraining program, a transportation solution, a child care alternative or another way to help, the Rebuild America Challenge Grant may help you put the idea into action. If you already have a program in place, the grant may help keep it going.

For more information about the Rebuild America Challenge Grant, read on:

How is the program funded? PERSONNEL JOURNAL will contribute 10% of advertising and subscription revenue from the March 1993 issue to fund the grant program. We anticipate that each grant will be between $2,000 and $7,000. Grant recipients, however, also must have a corporate sponsor that will match the funds two to one. For example, if a group receives $5,000, the corporate sponsor must contribute $10,000. No more than 50% of the corporate-sponsor matching grant may be from in-kind donations, such as staff time, used equipment, utilities, facilities, and so on.

What programs are funded? Grants will be awarded to support programs whose sole purpose is to promote the employability of persons who are unemployable or underemployed. The grants will be awarded to the group that will deliver the program outlined in the grant application. Recipients may be new or existing ad hoc groups formed specifically to provide or oversee the program. These groups may be formed by the corporate sponsor, by a group of employees within the sponsoring organization, by a group of employees of one or more organizations with a corporate sponsor, or by a community group with a corporate sponsor. The programs proposed by these groups may take many forms, including, but not limited to:

* Transportation to and from place of employment

* Temporary or permanent housing

* Child-or elder-care programs

* Education or job training

* Retraining programs

* Mentor programs

* Career counseling

* Directed recruitment programs. …

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