Magazine article MultiMedia Schools

Magazine article MultiMedia Schools

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Located online at http://www.

Source: Enchanted Learning Software, 3900 91st Avenue SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040; Phone: 206/2324880; Web site: http//www.Enchanted

Access Fee: This site is free, but does have a story and advertises several products for sale. It also supports GoTo, a Web search tool, and a few banner ads.

Audience: According to the site's creators, these pages are for students of all ages. I think elementary and some middle school students would find them most useful. Teachers, parents, and others working with these age groups would find this site useful as well.

Format: Web site: text, graphics, nicely printable worksheets and pages, quizzes, puzzles, some interactive material, and much more.

System Requirements: A computer with an Internet connection and Web browser. A faster computer and connection means less waiting, but this site will work with most computers capable of connecting to the Internet.

Description: EnchantedLearning. com is a collection of easy-to-use, educational Web sites aimed at students and teachers. It has a very wide variety of illustrated subjects in several formats. Much of the material is intended to be printed, but some is interactive as well. Two of the larger components are Little Explorers, an online picture dictionary, and Zoom School, an online schoolroom.

Reviewer Comments:

Installation/Access: I accessed the site from a 933 MHz PC with a Pentium III processor and Windows ME, a 733 MHz PC, and an older 133 MHz PC. The faster the access speed, the better-but this site presents no particular problems, even for older computers. Installation/ Access Rating: A

Content/Features: I requested the opportunity to review this site because of the huge number of unique resources it makes available and because it is an excellent example of a growing and exciting phenomenon: Online resources and tools that are far more convenient and inexpensive than the paper- and software-based mediums we used to use.

This site offers hundreds, maybe thousands, of worksheets that educators once would have called "blackline masters" and for which they would have paid a pretty good price. An amazing number of topics and subjects are covered here. These are totally free and include a combination of information and very good simple drawings (sometimes photos) that students can color, if desired.

Many of these printouts can be used as part of student research. They are organized in units such as animals, Black History Month, U.S. state flags, U.S. states (map/quiz printouts), biomes, the oceans, sharks, explorers, crafts, and much, much, more. The units include K-3 themes, as well as Preschool and Kindergarten activities. All in all, these pages constitute an enormous, valuable, and inexpensive resource.

A number of these worksheet pages and other resources are organized into "Zoom School," an online schoolroom with links to geographic, scientific, language-related, and other themes. The pages contain information and activities, including printouts and quizzes, some of which are interactive.

Another major part of is the Little Explorers Web guide, in picture dictionary format. The material can be used simply as a picture dictionary, but is actually a collection of Web links. Each picture is a link to another carefully screened site about that picture. This is intended to be a surfing guide for younger children and can even be used with pre-readers.

My first contact with EnchantedLearning was finding its animal printouts when I was looking for some animal information to use with middle elementary children. Each of several hundred animals had a page with a simple drawing that could easily be duplicated and colored and included basic, accurate information about the animals. …

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