Magazine article Personnel Journal

Computerized Course Teaches Interviewing

Magazine article Personnel Journal

Computerized Course Teaches Interviewing

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The CBT Group of Hudson's Bay Co. developed the Interviewing Techniques course to assist people who interview job applicants. Hudson's Bay involves the HR manager and the supervisor in the interviewing process. Supervisors previously weren't trained in this task.

In addition, Employment Equity (a Canadian mandate that calls for equal pay for equal work) requires the company to be careful during the interviewing process. Incorrect interviewing processes could lead to a substantial lawsuit and the possibility of extensive negative media coverage.

The course content covers the entire hiring process and has modules on:

* Recruitment

* Preparation

* The interview

* Candidate section.

Students learn to prepare for the interview by analyzing the resume and selecting specific information for discussion. They learn to prepare before the interview specific questions that pinpoint certain skills and attitudes in the candidate. The CBT course also teaches students about the behavioral-interview technique and its application.

CBT has given Hudson's Bay Co. content control from a central location. Students in other parts of the country are exposed to the same information as the students closest to the home office.


The length of the course is 90 minutes. It presents information screens in a step-by-step format. The computer asks questions approximately every four to five minutes. It summarizes concepts continually. Students move forward in the program by achieving mastery of the concepts. If students don't master a concept, the program moves them into a brief review path before moving them to the next concept.

The program also presents short case studies. It quizzes students on the concepts presented in each case study using tear-false, multiple-choice, match-up or short-answer questions.


This question is based on what you have just covered in open-ended questions and behavioral interviewing. …

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