Magazine article Army

NBC Integration into the Army Battle Command System (ABCS)

Magazine article Army

NBC Integration into the Army Battle Command System (ABCS)

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As part of Army Transformation, the U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM) develops capabilities and products for the ABCS to ensure soldier survivability, force protection and weapons of mass destruction situational awareness. The goal is to network all battlefield NBC sensors and instantly transmit NBC warnings and reports through the ABCS to minimize the effects of hostile NBC attacks or incidents on U.S. forces.

To accomplish this goal the project manager for nuclear, biological and chemical defense systems has two working projects: multipurpose integrated chemical agent alarm (MICAD) and the joint warning and reporting network QWARN) system.

MICAD interfaces with battlefield NBC sensors, such as the advanced chemical agent detection alarms and the M93A1 NBCRS (Fox). It remotely collects data from these sensors and automatically generates NBC messages that are then transmitted to the Force XXI battle command brigade and below (FBCB^sup 2^) and maneuver control systems.

The second system, IWARN, is a software application that resides on the maneuver control system (MCS). This computer program receives NBC sensor data from the battlefield and allows the user to conduct detailed NBC analysis quickly and send this information out through the MCS to Army commanders and other service components, providing decisive information to maintain information superiority and maneuver dominance.

To enhance NBC integration in the future, the Army has initiated a project called the embedded common technical architecture, which will integrate the capabilities of MICAD and JWARN into a single-board computer at a significantly reduced cost. This effort is currently targeted to support the Stryker brigade combat teams and will communicate through FBCB^sup 2^.

The Multipurpose Integrated Chemical Agent Alarm (MICAD) is an integrated nuclear, biological and chemical detection warning and reporting system to be used in area warning, combat and armored vehicles, and tactical van and shelter mission profiles. …

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