Magazine article Tikkun

What Is Needed after Food

Magazine article Tikkun

What Is Needed after Food

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The darkness doesn't war against the light,

It carries us forward

to another light.

In my land, called holy,

they won't let eternity be:

they've divided it into little religions,

zoned it for God-zones,

broken it into fragments of history,

sharp and wounding unto death.

-Yehuda Amichai

-for Linda Zisquit

And so beautiful it cracks the bones, especially Jerusalem

With the lustre of its stones, the hurt in its eyes,

And our dreams for its children: a triangle,

Beauty, despair, hope . . . the whole mishpochah

Pulling three ways at the same time

Like the people in so many families,

Fighting but joined at the hip, or call it a sandwich,

Despair the filling embraced by the bread of beauty and hope,

Like a manna we eat every day, sent from above,

While on earth in Jerusalem my friend's husband and son

Relax from a sabbath meal, like well-fed cats,

Happily slumped watching the aftermath

Of a game where the Nazareth team has just won

and vaulted from the bottom of their league

To the top, the players have stripped off their shirts,

Hugging and dancing, circle dancing, belly dancing,

Waving at crowds in the stands to make them cheer louder. …

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