Magazine article Parenting for High Potential

Resource Round-Up: Springing Ahead

Magazine article Parenting for High Potential

Resource Round-Up: Springing Ahead

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Resource Round-Up is a regular department in which we review and feature books, toys, games, CDs, videos, learning kits, and other materials that parents may find helpful in raising their high-potential youngsters. Resources included in this department have been evaluated by the editors of Parenting for High Potential magazine and carry a PHP recommendation. For more information, contact Mr. Graver Young, Editorial Associate, PHP Magazine, P.O. Box 14100 NE Plaza, Sarasota, FL 34278-4100

Springing Ahead

Spring is traditionally the season when we recognize plants and trees waking up from their winter's nap. They seem to spring or burst into bloom. The grass turns green and the flowers start to show their bright colors. Longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures give us renewed energy. Spring can also refer to a sudden thought as in "an idea springing to mind" or "a spring of inspiration." For children who like to write, abcteach ( offers a Spring Creative Writing Booklet. It includes several writing prompts designed to help words spring onto paper. I hope that you and your child will spring forward with the resources presented here to discover some new challenges for learning. We hope that the topics of weather, aeronautics, and birds will serve as springboard for intellectual growth.


In Spring weather can change quickly from pleasant to violent. It is a time when we watch for tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms, and even heavy snowfall. One can never be certain that Spring weather will not suddenly change from a beautiful energizing day into a dangerous and life-threatening storm. It is important to remain alert and to know what conditions might cause you to spring for shelter.

A number of hands-on and minds-on weather experiments can be found at One experiment involves using a balloon and a fluorescent light bulb to explain the concept of lightning. A few other interesting weather related topics at Weather Wiz Kids are safety, jokes, folklore, and career corner.

Information about tornadoes is located at http://teacher. The website, designed for teachers, offers lesson plans and teaching strategies, but it may provide ideas for home activities as well. Also of interest are ideas for jump starting a research paper with their Extreme Weather Research Starter and a variety of seasonal hands-on weather experiments.

Climate Kids ( sercc/education/education.html) is a place where children can have fun while learning about weather. It features a variety of games, activities, and resources. For example, easy step-bystep directions are available for making a barometer.

You can find 15 of the most-often-asked, weather-related and other natural disasters questions at kids/hmwrk_hlp.htm. Each question is linked to a website where you will discover the answer. For example, the question, "What is a good website for hurricanes and weather information?" links you to

Links to resource materials for children to learn about weather can be found at "Nick's favorite weather books for kids" leads you to a list of 29 books. A few career links are "How to Become a Meteorologist," Careers in Meteorology," and "University Weather Departments: Where to get a degree in weather."

At Web Weather for Kids ( you can learn about weather, do cool activities, and even try your hand at forecasting. Hands-on activities include making fog in a jar, experimenting with conduction and convection, and making a tornado.

1000 Facts on Planet Earth. By John Farndon. Barnes and Noble, Inc. (, New York, NY. 2002. ISBN: 0-7607-4571-4. Hardcover, 224 pp., $7. …

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