Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Letters to the Editor

Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Letters to the Editor

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Hang In There!

You can't go under. The Washington Report is a source of Middle East/American news that is not available anywhere else. Your magazine, Web site, and direct involvement are simply too important. Of all the organizations attempting to hold back the ever-growing tidal wave of fear, misinformation, occupation, and war, your efforts hit closest to the mark. Americans have to understand how their political process is being manipulated. It is the fulcrum of Israel's control. We have to weed out the controlling influences that have put a stranglehold on our elections and politicians. I hope the donation helps a bit, and would urge all other subscribers to please help if at all possible (this is an unaffiliated appeal).

Side note: Your report card on politicians is vital and much appreciated. I'm sure you're aware that it doesn't tell the complete story, since some of our congressmen/women are manipulating the process outside of Capitol Hill. For example, when Howard Dean was the frontrunner and used the word "even-handed" to describe his Mideast policy, saying that we should not take sides in the conflict, he was immediately lambasted by dozens of members of Congress and sent a letter of "outrage" drafted by Howard Berman and Nancy Pelosi, which led this major candidate to reverse his position (again). The other House signatories were Robert Matsui, Steny Hoyer, Martin Frost, Nita Lowey, Tom Lantos, Edward Markcy, Chet Edwards, Ben Cardin, Steve Rothman, Steve Israel, Gary Ackerman, Barney Frank, Rahm Emanucl, Adam Smith, Anthony Weiner, Chris Bell, Adam Schiff, Hilda Soils, Robert Menendez, Shelley Berkley, Robert Andrews, Joseph Crowley, Jose Serrano, John Larson, Ellen Tauscher, Dennis Cardoza, Patrick Kennedy, Linda Sanchez, Harold Ford, Jr., Brad Sherman, Dutch Ruppersberger, and Alcee Hastings. These intangibles would be hard to quantify, however, and I'm sure the Washington Report will cover them in other pages. Ironically, one of the best sources for "political manipulation news" is The Forward-though it is generally covered from the perspective of the manipulators.

Hang in there, WRMEA!

Jon Bailey, Chicago, IL

As demonstrated by the fact that, in order to save money, we have cut 16 pages from the magazine-this while increasing the type size in response to reader requests1.-and will be printing only nine instead of 10 issues next year, we are trying our very best indeed to hang in there! Because many of our friends and readers feel increasingly targeted as a result of the PATRIOT Act and otherpost-9/11 attacks on civil liberties, our donations are down precipitously. Only with the help of the increasing number of Americans who demand the truth and know they're not getting it from the mainstream media will we weather this storm.

A Corrie Family Update

Thank you for including the "Report Card for the 108th Congress" in the November issue of the Washington Report. I am particularly grateful that you included a category acknowledging those House members who have supported HCRlIl, calling for an independent investigation into the killing of my sister, Rachel Corrie. To update your report, 78 members (including sponsor Rep. Brian Baird) have now signed the resolution. Our family is told that this is a significant achievement, and we know it is one we could not have achieved on our own. We owe our thanks to all those who have spoken out regarding this issue, to the members of Congress who showed courage in signing HCRlIl, and to those who have called for nonviolent solutions to resolve the Israeli/Palestinian/U.S. conflict. Given the facts of the case, the family continues to call on the U.S. government to initiate an independent investigation into Rachel's killing. I would also like to point out that Rep. Jerry Kleczka (Wl) and Rep. Wm. Lacy clay (MO) recently signed on to the bill and therefore, should be added to your "Hall of Fame" list. Thank you again for the continued support you have given to our family. …

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