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The E-Bike

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The E-Bike

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The E-Bike is the latest and greatest incarnation of the spirit to be less dependent on fossil fuels, manufactured by EV Global Motors, a company run by former Chrysler president Lee Iacocca.

The E-Bike is slightly different from other electric bicycles in that the motor is total enclosed around the hub of the rear wheel, driving the wheel itself, not the tire like some other electric bicycles.

Corrections could be a strong market for the E-Bike. For patrol around a large facility, or for going between buildings, it's ideal. It's quick, quiet and has no operating expense.

Cost ranges from US$995.00 for the standard E-Bike to $2,195.00 for the complete Police Edition (PE) E-Bike.

The bike has seven gears, with a high quality shifter on the left hand grip. The throttle is like that of a snowmobile or jet ski, a thumb push instead of the twist grip of a motorcycle, and the motor is strong and really gets the bike moving quickly.

The battery will provide enough juice for 20 - 25 miles of continuous use, though the bike is designed to be pedaled and the motor used for assist. …

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