Day of Devastation, Day of Contentment: The History of the Sudanese Church across 2,000 Years

Article excerpt

Day of Devastation, Day of Contentment: The History of the Sudanese Church Across 2,000 Years.

By Roland Werner, William Anderson, and Andrew Wheeler. Nairobi: Paulines Publications, 2000. Pp. 687. $12.50.

This book is the tenth and final publication in the Faith in Sudan series, and it makes a fitting climax to a series that has already become greatly valued by Sudanese Christians and their friends across the world. Day of Devastation, Day of Contentment offers a comprehensive ecumenical history of the Sudanese church, starting with the faith of the early Nubian Christians and moving through to the current experience of Sudanese Christians in the continuing situation of civil war.

The three authors were well qualified to undertake this complex and scholarly task. Roland Werner has studied a number of Sudanese languages, and both William Anderson and Andrew Wheeler have worked closely with the Sudanese churches in the field of theological education.

The years 1964-72 are highlighted as marking a particularly significant period in the history of both church and state. When foreign missionaries were expelled from Sudan in 1964, many outside observers feared that the expulsion would seriously weaken the Christian community, as the young Sudanese churches were thrown abruptly on their own resources. …


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