Magazine article Tikkun

The Central God

Magazine article Tikkun

The Central God

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This is the central God who passes now in our neighborhood.

He heals and repairs everything, he's got plenty of time, no one

jostles anymore. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, he smiles.

Now he's the central God who comes as a glazier.

A glazier. A new glazier for repairs, from each and every balcony, all

the family members and neighbors, they all see him now,

so thin and slender, almost transparent, passing,

with total ease fixing and arranging,

lady, not to worry, everything is now shining bright,

window and light, everything is spick and span, and so does the matter

of life get fixed,

as my central God passes

now, as a glazier, in our neighborhood.

This is the central God, the most high, the exalted, and now he passes

in our neighborhood as a gardener. With shovel and spade and one broken pail. He

weeds and he hoes, on the garden of the neighbors on the left he scatters

eternal dust of splendor, on the scalding of the future, of the past, what's

here to fear, he smiles

at the old man and woman, surely nothing

is too late, surely I have

forgiveness, I have understanding, and again God

smiles, this central God,

of glory, thick cloud, the angels and Divine Presence,

at my people, so tired, in the neighborhood,

yesterday, today, tomorrow. …

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