Magazine article Children's Voice

Kids on the Media

Magazine article Children's Voice

Kids on the Media

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What do kids really think about advertising? Children's PressLine interviewed young people about ads and their effect on kids for this article.[dagger]

CPL: Tell me about the message you get from your favorite commercial.

Patricia, 12: My favorite commercial is those "Truth" commercials because my grandmother smokes. Every time those commercials come on, I always call my grandmother to watch because they really say some good stuff that will hopefully make her stop smoking.

Nina, 12: Sometimes I don't understand some advertisements. Like the ones for Budweiser-all these hot chicks drinking all this beer and smiling. A little frog?

CPL: Do commercials and ads affect your idea of what beauty is?

Nina: No, it doesn't. People aren't as beautiful as they seem. Those are models. Models are all dolled up.

Patricia: They used to, but they don't now 'cause they're not always the way they seem because there's makeup and there's hair stylists. When you watch a beer commercial, you see all these beautiful women, but they're not always what they seem. Advertisers will put anything on W just to sell their products. So sometimes it can't always be real.

Chara, 12: I have to say one thing. I notice that all skinny people are used in products except food. Whenever they advertise food, they always show fat or normal-size people. I notice that with KFC and stuff like that. Fast food restaurants always use a lot of fat people. I think that's a little prejudice, like only fat people eat fast food. Skinny people eat it, too. I've seen Christina Aguilera munching on a Big Mac. She had two of them!

Nina: I used to go to camp during the summers, and all they would have was Sprite. It annoyed me. They would use Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to attract people. But, it's like you want the drink, not the person. It's their way to get people to drink the soda, and it's really annoying. …

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