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Ex-Sales Reps to Allscrips Pharmaceuticals: Let Us Go

Magazine article Drug Topics

Ex-Sales Reps to Allscrips Pharmaceuticals: Let Us Go

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There is an intense legal war quietly being waged between Allscrips Pharmaceuticals Inc., the drug repackaging firm, and former sales representatives.

At the heart of the struggle is Allscrips' attempts to keep exsales reps from working in the industry for one year following termination of their association with the Vernon Hills, Ill., firm. Allscrips has filed numerous lawsuits against former reps under a nonsolicitation and nondisclosure contract. Some of the reps contend that Allscrips is tying them up in court with endless legal maneuvers to drain them financially, to deprive them of a livelihood, and to freeze them out of the industry they say the firm wants to monopolize.

Independent rep J. Trent Mosby contends that his year-long legal battle with Allscrips has cost him not only his business but also his family. After Allscrips filed a trade secrets lawsuit against him in Chicago last year, he filed a countersuit in U.S. District Court in Missouri. In the suit, which is currently in the discovery phase, he is seeking $1 million in actual and punitive damages.

"Allscrips is using litigation as an anticompetitive device," said Mosby, who's been assisting other reps in the same position. "They've screwed up 100 lives. They should have to pay for it."

Former sales rep Marsha Blair resigned from Allscrips last May because she didn't like the way she was being treated. She left the industry to become a consultant in IV therapy. Allscrips sued her anyway. She said that she's been receiving telephone calls from current Allscrips employees faced with a deadline for signing a no-compete contract or losing their jobs and being sued. "It's an unbelievable company," she said. "They harass you when you're there, and they harass you when you leave."

Tony Richard, another former rep who was sued, has filed a counterplea against Allscrips. "The problem is that Allscrips is trying to bully everyone out of the industry and create a monopoly," he said. "They're trying to beat us into the ground, but they're finding out we're willing to fight. …

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