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I like My Job!

Magazine article Drug Topics

I like My Job!

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Christmas Eve! I'm working and having a pretty good day, until this very slick guy walks up and grins like he was in a bar.

"I thought you'd be here," he chuckled. "Don't you know it's Christmas Eve?" He was trying to get a rise. "You guys never take a break."

I chose not to answer, but I could feel my facial muscles tighten.

Here was a well-dressed local businessman with the sweet alcohol perfume of a party surrounding him, and he was ragging on me because I wasn't taking Christmas Eve off.

"Do you really like this job?" he slurred.

"Yes!" I nailed his eyes. "I really like this job." Then I did the right thing. I walked away.

We aren't perfect, you guys. We have some serious gripes, but there are some things about pharmacy that I really love.

Compounding! Remember that? I love it, everything about it. The calculations, the torsion balance, the process of deciding which, in what order, and how. I shocked an elderly woman when I said Yes to a compound.

"You mean you still mix things." She seemed astounded, and when I apologized for the long wait, she said, "I don't care if it takes four days."

I like being respected in the community. I see people I know everywhere the grocery store, the gas station, the park, even the sauna at the swimming pool. I shudder when younger people call me sir or Mr. Plagakis. I like Jim better, but Mister is better than Hey you!

I love it that I can wear black Nikes on the job. Childhood polio left me with feet that need special care. Give me leather soles, and I wouldn't last half a day.

I put in an eight-hour day and take a regular lunch period and love it. Can you imagine a professional raving about conditions that doctors, lawyers, and nurses take for granted? That's pharmacy, my friends.

I love the people most of all. Patients are real people with hopes and feelings...even a sense of humor. …

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