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More Pharmacists Climbing on Homeopathic Bandwagon

Magazine article Drug Topics

More Pharmacists Climbing on Homeopathic Bandwagon

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They're not your traditional prescription medicines or your conventional over-the-counter entities. They are natural medicines, and many R.Ph.s are finding them a valuable addition to their inventories.

Drugstores' interest in homeopathic medicines is increasing, said William Nicoletti, R.Ph., an officer with the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists and the president of Dolisos America Inc., a manufacturer of homeopathic preparations.

Homeopathy operates on the principle that microdoses of natural substances derived from plants, animals, and minerals will promote the body's self-healing powers, strengthening its own natural defenses against a medical condition and thus reducing the likelihood of a recurrence.

Pharmacists are beginning to see the benefits of stocking these natural products, Nicoletti told Drug Topics. These items fill a niche for consumers as "natural" products ) find a wider acceptance, he said. And they offer no side effects, since they're administered in minute doses, he added.

The squeeze from third party on prescription drugs is also encouraging R.Ph.s to look to other areas, such as homeopathy, to make a profit. And sales of homeopathic medicines can encourage sales of other items. "People who buy homeopathic remedies also buy toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.," Nicoletti said.

Some pharmacists believe so strongly in the healing power of homeopathic remedies that they're selling them to the exclusion of traditional medications. Pharmacist Jack Borneman, for one. owns the Arrowroot Pharmacy in Paoli, Pa., a drugstore that sells only homeopathic products. This is a good market to be in, he said, because "sales of these items are shifting from health-food stores to drugstores."

Homeopathic products are beneficial to consumers, Borneman said. They're not invasive, they work gently, and they move the whole person toward the healing process."

Pharmacist Michael Quinn also owns a homeopathic pharmacy, the Hahnemann Medical Clinic in Albany, Calif. In addition to selling manufacturer-made products, Quinn compounds his own line of private-label homeopathic products.

General consumer interest in homeopathic preparations Is growing, Quinn said, noting that many of his patients are people who choose homeopathic preparations as their first line of treatment. …

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