Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker

Symposium Watch: Join Us for the Symposium Experience

Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker

Symposium Watch: Join Us for the Symposium Experience

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Symposium Watch

Join Us for the Symposium Experience!

Beyond Psychology: Expanding Our Models of Relationship, Change and Consciousness MARCH 17-20, 2005 - WASHINGTON, DC

Enhance Your Professional Creativity

The way we think about and practice psychotherapy is being transformed by an unprecedented convergence of new scientific findings and ancient healing traditions. No longer confined to a strictly psychological viewpoint, therapists today are incorporating neuroscience research, mind-body healing strategies, and spiritual practices, along with the insights gleaned from a century of psychological learning, to better serve our clients in all their depth and complexity.

Expand the Possibilities of Practice

This year's Networker Symposium, "Beyond Psychology: Expanding Our Models of Relationship, Change, and Consciousness," will offer the insights, skills, and sense of renewal you need to bring fresh possibilities into your own practice. With 150 workshops, plenary sessions, social gatherings, and networking possibilities, the Symposium is a festive, multilayered event designed to harness the full dimensions of mind, body, spirit, and community to help you become more the therapist--and the person--you dream of becoming.

Enjoy the Symposium Experience: Attend All Four Days!

Thursday: Creativity Day Celebrate expressiveness, mindfulness and self-care

Friday & Saturday: The Frontiers of Practice: Stay on psychotherapy's cutting edge

Sunday: The Therapist's Journey Enjoy a reflective day for personal and professional growth

The Keynoters

Step Into A Whole New Universe of Psychology and Beyond!

Coming To Our Senses: On Healing Ourselves and the World

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Bridging Eastern knowledge traditions and Western science, Jon Kabat-Zinn has been a pioneer of mind-body medicine for more than 25 years. His groundbreaking work at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center has demonstrated the vital role meditation and awareness can play in healing. Beyond that, he's brought mindfulness practice into the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people with his bestselling books Full Catastrophe Living and Wherever You Go, There You Are, as well as his memorable appearance on Bill Moyers's PBS special Healing and the Mind. His Symposium keynote will show how mindful awareness--seeing into the very heart of reality--can help us marshal our inherent clarity, wisdom, and creativity to deal with the turmoil of an era beset by collective attention deficit disorder and haunted by uncertainty about how safe we are.

What Is A Self?

Diane Ackerman

Blessed with a scientist's precise attention to facts and a poet's way with words, Diane Ackerman is probably best known for her bestselling books A Natural History of the Senses (which also became a 5-part PBS series) and A Natural History of Love. Her most recent work is An Alchemy of Mind, a study of how the brain becomes the mind and the mental fantasia in which we spend our days. In her keynote address, Ackerman will contemplate the almost unanswerable question of how a sense of personal "self" mysteriously emerges from the firing of 30 billion neurons across 60 trillion synapses. An admiring critic once wrote of her, "If you're lucky, you have someone in your life like Diane Ackerman--smart and capable, and successful in the world of grownups. But still brimming with the kind of infectious enthusiasm and wonder found generally only in children. …

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