Website of the Month: GPO Access

Article excerpt

The U.S. Government and Printing Office's GPO Access website ( provides free access to official versions of a variety of federal government publications, an easy online ordering process, and links to other federal sites. The website is designed to be used by the general public, but several resources will interest professional accountants and tax practitioners. Most materials and links can be reached by several routes.

The homepage is organized into four major sections to help direct the user's attention. The top of the homepage presents hyperlinks to resources, grouped by branch of the federal government. Below this are two search categories with drop-down menus: "GPO Access Resources by Topic" and "Federal-wide Resources." The left side of the homepage includes hyperlinks to an A-Z resource list, to federal depository libraries, and to the U.S. Government Online Bookstore. The right side is dedicated to current featured items.

An outstanding feature of the GPO Access site is the ease-of-use of multiple options for keyword searches or browsing. Most of the subsidiary webpages also provide the linkage history, which can be used to return to any point in the search or to the homepage. The connections between webpages work cleanly and the documents open quickly.

GPO Access Resources by Branch

GPO Access provides hyperlinks to a variety of documents published by all three branches of government available for download or purchase. These documents can be reached through multiple routes, but the index at the top of the homepage is probably the easiest route. First-time users will find it helpful to click on the "view all" links under each of the three branches. …


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