Magazine article Technology and Children

Hamster's Gold

Magazine article Technology and Children

Hamster's Gold

Article excerpt


Weigelt, U. (2000). Who stole the gold? New York: North-South Books, Inc. [32 pages; ISBN # 0-73581-373-6]

Summary of the Book

Hamster finds a piece of gold and wants to show his friend, Hedgehog. Once they return to Hamster's house, they find that the gold has been stolen, They have no clue about who took the gold, so they go around and ask everyone they know. Finally, the thief gives it away and Hedgehog and Hamster figure out who stole the gold. As Hedgehog says, "All's well that end's well."

Design Brief

Suggested Grade Levels: 1-3

Hamster has decided to hide his gold at home so it won't easily get stolen again. He needs you to design a safe container to hide the gold. This safe must be able to open and close. It must be able to fit in your desk, and it must be able to hold the piece of "gold" that you will put inside. The safe must look nice and be creatively put together, too. So, use your imagination!

1. Design your idea

2. Present your idea to the class (Gather improvement ideas)

3. Build your design

4. Share your solution

Teacher Hints

1. This is a great activity for teaching the technological design process. Review the steps presented in Standards for Technological Literacy (ITEA, 2000). Encourage students to pay attention to their design process by keeping a log. …

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