Survey: More Governments Using New Cash Management Technologies for Payments

Article excerpt

Anew survey by GFOA and JPMorgan Chase shows that while nearly all state and local governments accept payments via mail or in person, more than half now accept automatic bank debits and more than a third take payments over the Internet and telephone. More than 900 state and local government finance officials in all regions of the United States and Canada participated in the September 2004 survey.

"More and more governments today are using cash management technologies to reduce costs, speed the deposit of funds, and improve customer service," said GFOA Executive Director Jeffrey L. Esser. "Governments are advancing into a technological era of increased efficiency and effectiveness."

While GFOA recommends that governments use bank technologies such as positive pay, the survey results reveal that only about a third of governments avail themselves of this service. While more than half the governments serving large populations (more than 100,000) use positive pay, only about 15 percent of smaller governments (population under 50,000) use positive pay. …


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