One Gospel-Many Cultures: Case Studies and Reflections on Cross-Cultural Theology

Article excerpt

One Gospel-Many Cultures: Case Studies and Reflections on Cross-Cultural Theology. Edited by Mercy Amba Oduyoye and Hendrik M. Vroom. Amsterdam and New York: Editions Rodopi, 2003. Pp. v, 254. $62.

This book is a collection of essays on contextual theology sponsored by the Theological Subcommittee of the European Area Committee of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches. Although under European sponsorship, the volume's contributors come from and have worked around the world. The articles reflect discussion of theoretical and theological issues around the practice of contextualization itself, and also offer helpful reflections on concrete instances of inculturation.

An opening essay by the editors (who are from Ghana and the Netherlands, respectively) lays out some of the issues that the practice of contextualization poses for Christianity as a whole and for the Reformed tradition in particular. Themes explored include how to understand the place and role of the Gospel, the impact of contextualization upon the church, and communication between cultures. Some of the essays deal with the challenge of various contexts to Christian faith (such as the challenge of secularization in Europe and North America); others explore crosscultural or intercultural hermeneutics (from South and Southeast Asian perspectives); others look at specific instances of contextualization (in Central and South Africa, Korea, and Latin America). …


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