Magazine article Mother Jones

Moms against the Man

Magazine article Mother Jones

Moms against the Man

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When Sharon Terry took on the biotech establishment by patenting her children's

disease-causing gene (as Arthur Allen reports in "Who Owns My Disease?" page 52), she did more than secure a hopeful future for others with PXE. She also asserted her place in a pantheon of moms whose willingness to do anything for their children made them heroes to their communities-and to millions of moviegoers everywhere. -Andi Zeisler

Mask. Peter Bogdanovich. Universal Pictures. 1985.

The true story of Rocky Dennis, a teen born with a genetic defect that causes his skull to grow at an alarming rate. But his coke-- snorting, Harley-riding mother, Rusty (Cher), doesn't see a problem with how he looks and has no patience with the dread prognoses she's gotten from doctors since Rocky's birth. When Rusty goes eyeball-to-eyeball with school administrators who think straight-A Rocky should be in a "special" school, you'd better believe the principal blinks first.

Erin Brockovich. Steven Soderbergh. Universal Pictures. 2000.

The true story of jobless, single-mom-ofthree Brockovich (Julia Roberts), who sasses her way into a legal-assistant gig and soon uncovers PG&E's toxic pollution of a small town's groundwater. It's Erin's just-folks personality that persuades the sick residents of Hinkley, California, to stand up for their kids and fight the power (company), and her pluck (see also: ample cleavage) that leads them to victory in their class-action suit.

Lorenzo's Oil. George Miller. Universal Pictures. 1992.

The true-to-life story of little Lorenzo Odone, who is diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease called ALD. …

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