Magazine article Teaching Business & Economics

A Different Reading List for A Level Economics

Magazine article Teaching Business & Economics

A Different Reading List for A Level Economics

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A few weeks ago, a message to econbusinesseducators, the profession's newsgroup, started a rich thread, which is reproduced below. Google should help with the publishers.

The first message:

I am trying to put together some ideas about how to 'humanise' Economics along the lines that Sophie's World allegedly did for Philosophy. I am starting with P J O'Rourke's 'Eat the Rich'. I am sure there are more. Can readers suggest any other titles, ancient or modern, worth investigation?


Richard Bowett

And the replies:

Is the ragged-trouser philanthropist any use?

Paul Clarke

How about Free to Choose by Rose and Milton Friedman? It's oldish but still startling to some, even today, in its exposition on monetarist economics and its implications. Its very readable.

Dave Milner

You might be interested in The Literary Book of Economics: Including Readings from Literature and Drama on Economic Concepts, Issues, and Themes by Michael Watts (Editor)

Peter Davies

"The Roaring 90s" by Joe Stiglitz John Kay's website (disclaimer: my old boss...): Alternatively, how about The Wizard of Oz? (seriously...) /projects/oz/ /pdffiles/summer02/bhansen.pdf

Graham Starke

How about Animal Farm?

Mike Chester

How about Naomi Klein No Logo? And Paul Ormerod's The Death of Economics", and J.K. Galbraith's The Great Crash, and Will Hutton's works?

Chris Vidler

You might be interested in experiments I did to "humanise" economics by deriving a qualitative simulation and interactive-fiction program from the output of Virtual Economy: "The Lives Behind the Numbers On the Screen: Illustrating the Social Consequences of Economic Change by Telling Stories on the Web". …

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