Magazine article New Internationalist

Forward March! [Nonviolent Action in Iraq]

Magazine article New Internationalist

Forward March! [Nonviolent Action in Iraq]

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AS overwhelming as the bombing was in Iraq, if you were underneath it (like me) it was less than had been expected. And it was the worldwide protest by people like you that made it so. People often ask me what they can now do to help the Iraqis. Here's seven ways to start:

ONE: LOBBYPOLITICIANS TO DROP MAJORITYWORLD DEBTS UNCONDITIONALLY. Debt - created by arms sales and exacerbated by sanctions - laid the groundwork for control of Iraq's economy and resources by foreign corporations, the International Monetary Fund and Western creditor countries. Following the invasion, Iraq was forced to privatize state-owned industries in exchange for debt relief, which benefits corporations (especially oil companies) and defrauds the people: a guaranteed way to cause anger, resentment.:, and therefore more conflict.

(More reading:;; and www.

TWO: CHOOSE A LOCAL ARMS DEALER, MILITARY BASE or dodgy transnational and do what you can to expose its complicity in the Iraq conflict. Amongst the top war profiteers in Iraq are Aegis, Bechtel and Halliburton.

(More reading:;;

THREE: IFYOU CAN, TRANSFERYOUR PHONE SERVICE TO A TELEPHONE CO-OP. Almost all the other telecommunications companies are huge and unpleasant transnationals, lots of which are investing in Iraq - Motorola, Vodafone, Argent (New Zealand), Alcatel (France), Nokia, Lucent and MCI WorldCom, for example. …

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