Magazine article The Human Life Review

The Human Life Foundation: Great Defender of Life Dinner: October 15, 2004

Magazine article The Human Life Review

The Human Life Foundation: Great Defender of Life Dinner: October 15, 2004

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Honoring Professor Hadley Arkes and featuring the text of his address, "Why Articulating the Argument Matters."

Great Defender of Life Award Dinner

Faith McFadden:

Welcome! Welcome, old friends and new ones, from our huge staff of five and from our dedicated volunteers-welcome especially to the students here with us tonight. Last year at this podium I welcomed "those from near and as far as California and Spokane"-tonight we have some from Toronto and London.

When we gathered here one year ago, on the exact fifth anniversary of my husband Jim McFadden' s death, with Congressman Henry Hyde as our Great Defender of Life honoree, Mr. Hyde and other speakers spoke eloquently about Jim and how he came to found the Human Life Foundation. It was in many ways a Memorial, as well as a joyous celebration-our first Fund Raiser!

This year, on the 30th anniversary of the Human Life Review, I think Jim would be saying "Hey, it's not about me-it's about The Issues."

And tonight we have a distinguished honoree well-known for his convictions about The Issues: Professor Hadley Arkes, a good friend of Jim's-you'll hear from him soon; it's a treat to have him here-he has a very busy schedule.

Jim's vision was that the Human Life Review would become a permanent record of the battle to save the unborn; he hoped the Foundation and the Review would continue after his demise-and thanks to you all, it has. We know how happy he'd be to see all of you here tonight-friends, nieces, nephews-and how pleased he must be to know how well our daughter Maria McFadden Maffucci, mother of three, President of the Human Life Foundation and Editor of the Human Life Review, has continued his legacy.

And so now I'll turn the mike over to-Maria.

Maria McFadden Maffucci:

Thank you, Mom. Of course my mother Faith, in addition to being our Senior Editor, is also the Faith Abbott of Acts of Faith, a book she wrote about her life before J.P.

A warm welcome to you all-and a very special welcome to our Foundation members. We wouldn't be here at all, much less celebrating the Human Life Review's 30th anniversary, if it were not for you, and the sacrifices you have made so that the Foundation could continue.

As you know, but for the benefit of our guests this evening, my late father created the Foundation to have two specific programs, one educational, which is the Review, and the other charitable: our matching grant program for crisis pregnancy centers. While we aim to change minds and hearts about abortion and other life'issues through the Review's words, at the same time, we know there are legions of good people working every day to provide practical help to women in need, and, thanks again to you, our supporters, we are able to help them. (An interesting digression: it was twenty years ago this day, October 15th, 1984, that the late Cardinal John O'Connor gave his word that any pregnant woman in need could come to him for free assistance. This was, to put it kindly, under-reported in the secular press, which likes to perpetuate the myth that pro-lifers don't actually do anything for individual babies and their mothers.)

My heartfelt thanks to all those who made this evening possible: our distinguished guests, our dinner committee members, and most especially our staff. Joining my mother and me in this enterprise are Anne Conlon, managing editor of the Review-many of you know she has also taken on the daunting task of editing catholic eye, our sister publication; Rose Flynn DeMaio, who is our unflappable business and financial manager; and our newest staff member, my sister Christina McFadden. Christina had finished the final day of her job at the Philharmonic the evening of our first dinner, and came right over here to the Union League Club to get to work-she has been working hard ever since. And Mrs. Patricia O'Brien, our volunteer, who has become an invaluable and greatly loved member of our team . …

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