Magazine article Personnel Journal

Do Employees' Manners Matter?

Magazine article Personnel Journal

Do Employees' Manners Matter?

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The way employees act in any given situation reflects on the company. They need to have confidence in their communications. They need to know how to act during a dinner meeting. They need to know their rules of etiquette.

"Your manners say as much about you and the company you work for as your technical expertise," says Barbara Pachter, a Cherry Hill, New Jersey-based business communications and etiquette expert.

Pachter offers this etiquette quiz for your employees and you.


1. T or F? If you are disconnected on the phone, it's the caller's responsibility to redial.

2. T or F? The following is a proper introduction: "Ms. Boss, I'd like you to meet our client, Mr. Smith."

3. Important mail should be answered within: a. 48 hours b. Four days c. One week

4. T or F? In a modest restaurant, you can use your fingers to eat french fries.

5. T or F3 "Dear Sir/Ms." should be avoided as a salutation.

6. T or F? …

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