Magazine article Stanford Social Innovation Review

Beyond the Bottom Line

Magazine article Stanford Social Innovation Review

Beyond the Bottom Line

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Regretfully Yours

"I did write off debt, both as chancellor and as prime minister. I did - year after year - protect the aid budget against the ravages of more popular claims. I did care about it but I did not do nearly enough to end it."

-Sir John Major, former chancellor and prime minister of the U.K., The Guardian, July 6, 2005.

Conflicts of Interest

"Getting the New York Times to explain the real operation of social class in America is, at the end of the day, a lot like granting your parents exclusive license to explain sex to you: There are simply far too many conflicts that run far too deep to result in any reliable account of how the thing works."

-Chris Lehmann, in his article "The New York Times Goes Slumming: How the Paper's Allegiance to the Ruling Elite Distorts Its Look at Class in America," The Boston Phoenix, June 3, 2005.


Simian Sideline

After many hours of book signing, a worn-out David Sedans asked his next autograph-seeking fan: "So, when was the last time you touched a monkey?"

She looked at her watch and answered, "Four hours ago."

It just so happened that the fan worked at Helping Hands, a nonprofit that trains monkeys to help quadriplegics. The monkeys can cook and serve food, situate people in their wheelchairs, and - of interest to Sedans - turn book pages.

"God, if I had a monkey on the podium turning the pages for me, that would take care of the entertainment aspect [of book readings]," Sedaris quipped. He now does fundraising for the group.

-The State Journal-Register, April 14, 2005. …

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