Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker

Contents: Clinician's Digest

Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker

Contents: Clinician's Digest

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July/August 2005

Vol. 29 - No. 4


America's therapist

The 8-Minute Cure By Michael Ventura

Phil McGraw--Dr. Phil--seems not to be "on television," but rather to emanate from the television. Authoritative and comforting, he confronts victimhood with what has become his signature phrase, "Get real." But what's the reality behind "get real"?

It Ain't Necessarily So By Paul Pearsall

Despite the billions spent on self-improvement books and programs, most of us still languish in the doldrums or think we're not as happy as we should be. Maybe instead of being the solution, the bromides of the self-help world have become part of the problem.


When You're 64 By Terry Hargrave

With the life expectancy of the elderly rising, today's boomers, much maligned for their presumed selfishness, are facing a far more daunting challenge in taking care of their parents than their forebears ever did.

Psychotherapy in La La Land By Dennis Palumbo

With all its aura of excitement, glamour, and power, Hollywood, says a former screenwriter-turned-therapist, is best understood as an extension of high school.


Networker News By Rob Waters

Two new reports show that the young adults who are the "alumni" of  the nation's foster care system suffer from staggering rates of PTSD and other mental health problems. …

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