Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Buyer's Resource Guide: Security

Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Buyer's Resource Guide: Security

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[In an effort to help keep readers up to date on the latest products and services available to them in managing their real estate properties, JPM will periodically showcase a Buyer's Resource Guide focusing on one particular area of importance for today's professional real estate manager.]

The events of September 11, 2001, will be forever ingrained in the memories of Americans. But as the country gets back to business and the economy seeks stable footing, a new focus on security and safety has pervaded the American consciousness. Areas and buildings which seemed safe and secure are now being scrutinized in the wake of these tragic events.

Faced with the need to secure and protect their investments, property management companies are looking at new avenues of security to provide additional protection and safety for tenants. These changes are being implemented in a variety of ways, from increased searches and more thorough pre-employment background checks, to bio-technical identification processes such as retinal scans and fingerprinting.

The advances in these areas allow property managers to provide high levels of security with lower levels of disruption to day-to-day operations, which in large commercial buildings may involve tens of thousands of workers. Even simple security features such as key-coded floor entry cards and coded parking garage entry permits can go a long way towards diffusing potential breaches. By implementing a well-thought out security plan, commercial property managers can ease tenant concerns without creating procedures which are cumbersome or unnecessary.

Multifamily properties are also looking at new ways of providing more secure surroundings to residents, whether in the form of a security staff, video monitoring or improved in-unit features. Recent surveys note that security is one of the most important factors for private residences, and are a factor in whether residents will remain at a property, or look for a location that offers improved security amenities.

The recent tragedies will certainly have profound and long-lasting effects on how security is viewed and implemented in the U.S. But property managers can greatly improve relationships with new and existing tenants by providing cost-effective, well-conceived property security without changing or infringing upon basic daily freedoms. IMAGE FORMULA4IMAGE FORMULA5



Special Feature: Security

Lock Cylinders

The EZ Change Lock Company offers the EZ-100 lock cylinder, a device which allows for a quick lock change that resets the tumblers to match a new key. For each facility, the user can change the tenant key 125 times without changing the master key, and change the master key five times without affecting the tenant key. The cylinders are available in knob, mortise and rim designs, with a choice of either satin chrome or bright brass finishes. For more information, call 1513) 777-3329

Electronically-Controlled Deadbolt Locks

The Schlage E-Bolt is an electronically controlled deadbolt lock which is programmed to only accept specific keys. The lock can be programmed to allow specific keys to work at only certain days and times, to allow for maintenance service, cleaning and other management services. The system also audits entry, recording the date, time and key identity of each valid access, and e-bolt deadbolt locks meet or exceed all ANSI Grade 2 requirements. For more information, visit

Electronic Alarm Multifamily Monitoring System

Brinks Home Security for Multifamily Housing monitors more than 700,000 families, offering advanced microprocessor-driven alarm control panels and state-of-- the-art monitoring services. The company also provides high-speed wiring and hub solutions for new developments. …

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