Magazine article Pointe

Maria Kowroski Answers Your Questions

Magazine article Pointe

Maria Kowroski Answers Your Questions

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I just read that you are very tall. I am five-foot-nine, and I wonder how you dealt with your height. I sometimes get discouraged when I realize that most dancers are short. How did you overcome this obstacle?

Height can definitely be an issue for a dancer. There was a time when I wished I was smaller and able to move at the speed of a five-foot-tall dancer. I realized there is a lot of beauty in height: longer lines and the ability to look larger than life onstage. Being tall automatically separates you from most dancers, which is not a bad thing. It has not gotten in my way so far. Don't get discouraged. Even though there are many smaller dancers nowadays, when you are a tall dancer, it makes you that much more unique.

I'm a big fan of yours. I think you are a gorgeous dancer with beautiful lines. I've always been curious about whether you were born with such incredible flexibility or did you have to work for it?

Thank you for the compliment. Since I was young, I was always very flexibleso much so that I had to do everything in my power to gain strength. Over the years, I have actually lost some flexibility from the amount of strengthening I have done. Pilates is wonderful. It strengthens and lengthens all in one workout.

You have such a beautiful extension and flexible back. Do you ever experience pain or other problems as a result? What do you do to relieve it?

I have had many back problems during my career. They say my flexibility is a blessing and a curse. …

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