Magazine article Herizons

Satirically Yours: Exposing Patriarchy

Magazine article Herizons

Satirically Yours: Exposing Patriarchy

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SATIRICALLY YOURS: Exposing Patriarchy.

Canadian laws permit men, but not women, to bare their chests. Recently, women from Halifax to Vancouver doffed their shirts to protest these laws. Their defiance of law, convention, tradition and in some minds, propriety, occasioned arrests, countless pictures in the nation's newspapers and spots on the nightly news. The protests also resulted in the gathering of large herds of male animals all pawing the earth while endeavoring to take videos with cameras held in hands the knuckles of which usually drag on the ground.

In fact, the photos of men taking photos of shirtless women are sure to end up in The Canadian Misogynist Hall of Fame - as soon as we build it. Perhaps in a special exhibit titled, "Eighteenth Century Men of the 20th Century Engaged in Indecent Exposure."

The controversy centres on unequal laws for men and women as well as the objectification of women's bodies. It's obviously time we acknowledged that breasts belong to women; they are not there for the pleasure of men. And they are certainly not something by which women may be judged and found wanting.

Breasts are normal.

Like penises. Which brings me to the point of this column.

I want those pants off. I want those penises exposed. Uncensored.

First, since I am heterosexual, I wouldn't mind looking at a few of them. Penises that is. I am tired, tired o mainstream male movie cameras which show full frontal views of women in sexual scenes, which show women's faces during sex. There are very few scenes of nude males in Hollywood-type movies. Even though Kevin Costner's burn in Dances With Wolves was filmed with nary a woman in sight, it was not his burn. Costner used a stunt butt!

Second, and more important, pantless man is a vulnerable man. A man without shorts, a man without trousers is a man whose penis is blowin' in the wind. …

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