Magazine article Tikkun

The Assassination

Magazine article Tikkun

The Assassination

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In history, all at once the past and present come together.

All June, the beginning of July of 1993, the desert sun beat down on those in vigil on Terra Sancta, Friday afternoons in Jerusalem.

We were the Women in Black, some of us in partial black -- blouse or skirt, others, better prepared, in full mourning. The signs we held were black hands, lettered in white: "End the Occupation," in Hebrew, Arabic, English, and Russian.

If we did not arrive early enough to secure Terra Sancta and the relative safety of that island, we were forced to line up along a busy highway, opposite the Square, where the Likud and the Religious parties held sway. Approaching this row of women on the sidewalk, taxi drivers and bus drivers reacted to our signs by driving up on the curb after us. From the windows came gum, eggs, spittle upon our hair.

If we managed to secure Terra Sancta, the police would protect us from our noisy opposition, who shouted, "Women in Black Stab Israel in the Back." They would sing, David, hamelech chai. King David lived, but Rabin was a marked traitor.

Around the city, on all the squares, was a war of posters, apocalyptic warnings and threats on one side and solemn-faced Rabin, Labor, and Peace on the other. …

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