Magazine article Workforce Management

On Rating HR

Magazine article Workforce Management

On Rating HR

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"The measurement factor should be determined by a manager's effectiveness, not necessarily HR."

IN THE MAIL | from our readers

I WAS READING YOUR ARTICLE on measuring HR's performance ("Executives turn to employee ROI as HR gauge," October 10) and was intrigued. I'm curious how executive leadership can measure the "effectiveness of HR" on turnover and retention rates, especially since HR doesn't do the final hire or management of employees-the managers do. The real issue here is about how effective managers are in hiring the right people and engaging them. Does HR have some input in this? Of course, through development programs. Unfortunately, this is the last thing most companies want to look at spending money on in today's tight marketplace. Ultimately, the measurement factor should be determined by a manager's effectiveness, not necessarily HR. People don't leave companies, they leave managers. The blame has to go somewhere, and it's usually HR. Thanks for the article!

Carol McDonald

Independent consultant

Vision to Life Professional Development

Chandler, Arizona


REGARDING "5 Questions for Susan DePhillips" (September 2005), which described work/life balance programs as being primarily for "B and C players," although they are not marketed as such to employees: I am happy someone at last has come out with the truth that most employers and, worse, HR departments gloss over and offer perks to make employees join a company.

Being a woman, and just back from maternity leave, I know what she means exactly and also wish to reiterate that it is true. Particularly affected are working women who are serious about a career.

I appreciate her honesty. More articles on the implications of so-called perks programs and their meanings would be appreciated.

Uma Remella

Associate manager, HR development

Sundaram Infotech Solutions

Tamil Nadu, India

IT'S A SHAME THAT IN 2005, face time in the office still counts more than an individual's competency, skill and consistent results. …

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