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Magazine article Strings

Readers Write

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Thank you for your informative piece on playing music for weddings [Practical Musician, "Weddings? Just Say 'I Do'," November/December 2001]. The article provided some really useful tips for those starting out in this field. We've already started a repertoire folder of "greatest nuptial hits" that our quartet can perform reliably with just a quick rehearsal to refresh our collective memory. The business and promotion advice will be a big help, because no one in our group has much experience in self-marketing. And of course, we'd all like to be paid fairly for our work.

-Caroline Johansen via e-mail


After reading your interview with an Irish fiddler [see "The Captivating Voice of Kevin Burke," November/December 2001], I noticed there was another article, written by Mr. Burke in the same issue, along with some music [Play It]. What an interesting idea: to write about a musician and also to let him speak for himself. It was instructive to read that folk fiddle tunes that look so simple and repetitive when written out on paper really have such a complex story to tell. I guess it's true of all types of music: So much depends on the interpretation. Anyway, thanks for two great articles.

-Michael T. Brown Baltimore, Maryland


I just read the article in the November/ December 2001 issue on rosin making [see Encore, "Sticky Business"]. That's the first I ever heard that rosin deteriorates with age. I'm a professional violinist, and I find that a cake will last seven to ten years, with no noticeable decline in quality.

Also, after perusing for a second time your July issue and the well-researched review of string brands, it occurred to me to suggest that someone do a similar article on the various makes of rosins.

-John C. Sullivan Rochester, New York


I think "Resource Guide" was a much more appropriate name for your annual fall directory [see the October 2001 issue]. Calling it a "Buyer's Guide" implies that we're just out to purchase things for the fun of it instead of using the guide for musical and otherwise important purposes that may not initially have much to do with "buying" and "consuming" (like searching for a new stringed instrument). And a whole lot of the businesses and people listed probably didn't sign up simply because they were hoping to make more money through the wider publicity, either.

-Rachel Holtrop via e-mail


First I would like to say I absolutely love Strings magazine. I've subscribed for over three years now, and I've read just about every single issue. I have one comment to make relating to topics for articles, though. I've noticed that many up-and-coming [solo] artists as well as very prominent ones at present are written about throughout the magazine. …

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