Ameritech Library Network to Present Technology Seminars

Article excerpt

Ameritech Library Services' 1996 satellite technology seminars, called Connections, were introduced with a free broadcast at ALA Midwinter in San Antonio. Beginning in March, library professionals can tune in each month to the Ameritech Library Network to learn more about technology issues in the library industry. Offered to all public, school, and academic libraries, the monthly broadcasts will feature networking basics such as LANs and WANs, Internet access and network management topics, and creative fund-raising ideas.

The Ameritech Library Network provides library staff with a way to discuss important technology and policy issues with experts that is cost-effective. "Library professionals today must be aware of key issues in technology directions, networking, and Internet access. But obtaining all this information is often costly and time-consuming," said Thomas Quarton, president of Ameritech Library Services. "The Ameritech Library Network assembles and presents pertinent information from a wide variety of technology and library experts so that library staff can reduce travel and seminar costs for professional development. …