Ndia Points of Contact

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For further information regarding NDIA technical symposia and policy meetings, key professional staff contacts are:

MaJ. Gen. Barry Bates, USA (Ret.), vice president of operations. General Bates brings more than 32 years of experience in a broad array of Army and joint logistics, training and business operations assignments to the NDIA headquarters. Operations is NDIA's largest department, responsible for more than 60 major meetings, symposia and exhibitions a year.

Barry Bates

Vice President, Operations

Tel: (703) 247-2559

E-Mail: bbates@ndia.org

Danice Garland

Executive Assistant

Tel: (703) 247-2560

E-Mail: dgarland@ndia.org

Nery Cruz

Conference Administrator

Tel: (703) 247-9464

E-Mail: ncruz@ndia.org

Lt. Col. C. Samuel Campagna USAf (Ret.), director of Systems Engineering, Logistics Management, Armaments, Test & Evaluation, Ballistics, C4ISR and Environment & Energy Divisions. He is a retired Air Force pilot with staff experience in operations, intelligence and international affairs. He also has over 10 years experience in the defense aviation marketing and business development arena.

Sam Campagna


Tel: (703) 247-2544

E-Mail: scampagna@ndia.org

Veronica Alien, CMP

Associate Director

Tel: (703) 247-2570

E-Mail: vallen@ndia.org

Britt Bommelje

Meeting Planner

Tel: (703) 247-2587

E-Mail: bbommelje@ndia.org

Emily Brown

Meeting Planner

Tel: (703) 247-9476

E-Mail: ebrown@ndia.org

Carissa Mirasol

Meeting Planner

Tel: (703) 247-2588

E-Mail: cmirasol@ndia.org

MaJ. Joseph Hylan, USMC (Ret.), director for Science & Engineering Technology; Air Targets & UAVs, Combat Survivability; Special Operations/ Low Intensity Conflict; Night Operations; Homeland security; Technical Information; and Expeditionary Warfare Divisions. MaJ. Hylan's years as a Marine artilleryman prepared him for his duties in directing many of the land-battle related divisions. He served in both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleet Marine Forces, including Japan.

Joe Hylan


Tel: (703) 247-2583

E-Mail: jhylan@ndia. …