Magazine article Work & Family Life

No More Room on the Refrigerator Door

Magazine article Work & Family Life

No More Room on the Refrigerator Door

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Q I've been saving my kids' artwork since their first crayon scribbles. I hate to throw it out but we just don't have the space to keep it forever. Any guidelines for what to toss and what to save?

-S.M., Chicago

A You've touched on a classic dilemma of parenthood. Here are some old and new suggestions for what to do with your children's artwork:

SHARE THE WEALTH. Give your kids' artwork to grandparents and other relatives who will appreciate it but feel no responsibility to keep it forever.

SHOW IT OFF. Take it to the office and display it there.

MAKE SOME RULES. For example, save the flat items only. Three-dimensional creations made of macaroni shells are not meant for the long-term in any case.

ENCOURAGE SELECTIVITY, Let kids choose their five or six favorite works of art every so often and save those. Decide together which one you both like best and frame it.

THINK DIGITAL. Scan your kids' paintings and drawings and save them as digital images. Shoot three-dimensional artworks on a plain background. Print everything out and save the photos in an album. Be sure to include names and dates for posterity. …

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