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Suicidal Signs and Symptoms

Magazine article Corrections Forum

Suicidal Signs and Symptoms

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Experience has shown that certain signs and symptoms exhibited by the inmate often foretell a possible suicide and, if detected, can often prevent a death. What the individual says and does at the time of arrest, during transport to the jail, at booking/intake, and during confinement in either a jail or prison are vital in detecting suicidal behavior. The following signs and symptoms of suicidal behavior can either be exhibited upon initial confinement or periodically throughout an inmate's incarceration:

* Depression.

* Expresses or evidences strong guilt and/or shame over offense.

* Talks about or threatens suicide; makes statements that are deathrelated and/or are of finality nature, e.g., "I've had it. I can't take it anymore."

* Under influence of alcohol/drugs.

* Severe agitation and/or aggressiveness.

* Projects hopelessness and/or helplessness; no sense of future.

* Expresses unusual or great concern over what will happen to them, i. …

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