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You may have noticed that each issue of the NCCET newsletter contains a section called Corporate Corner. In that portion of the edition, we recognize companies that have made a contribution to our association by supporting our efforts to provide membership services that are relevant and meaningful. The program started about 6 years ago, when the board of directors hoped to secure support from a handful of companies. Dr. Andrew Meyer was asked to fill a newly created Corporate Liaison position on the board to secure that support.

In the intervening years, that handful has grown to more than 20 companies, whose gracious support has enabled us to increase services without increasing what are already the lowest annual membership dues of any affiliated council of the American Association of Community Colleges. Think of what we have seen in the last few years - a new and expanding web site, publications such as the "Eight Strategic Questions" monograph generously underwritten by SunGard SCT, Leadership Institutes and invitational colloquia, abstracts and a lively annual conference.

This issue of The Catalyst is unusual in that we offered an invitation to our sustaining partners, the highest level of support provided by our partners, to contribute an article on some aspect of workforce development. Some were able to meet our deadline; others have an article in the pipeline for future publication. What's interesting to me is their take on our workforce development efforts, and particularly, what they see as the most pressing issue facing our membership.

It's interesting that two companies saw leadership as being an essential ingredient in the success of any organization. Our friends at Achieve Global, Linda Moran, Craig Perrin and Chris Blauth offer an insightful analysis of the ingredients of leadership quality. Jim Concelman also sees Leadership as being essential. No surprise there, as he heads DDI's efforts in this field. …


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