Magazine article Oceanus

The Ocean Institutes

Magazine article Oceanus

The Ocean Institutes

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In 2000, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution established tour Ocean Institutes to accelerate advances in knowledge about the oceans and to convey discoveries expeditiously into the public realm. The Ocean Institutes' goals are to catalyze innovative thinking that can open up new scientific-vistas, to spur collaboration among scientists in different disciplines, and to stimulate a rich and productive educational environment that will engage future leaders of oceanography. Concurrently, each Institute's mission is to shorten the time between acquiring knowledge and making it accessible to decision-makers who can use this information to benefit society.

The Deep Ocean Exploration Institute investigates Earths dynamic processes beneath the oceans, where more than 80 percent of all earthquake and volcanic activity occurs and where the clues to understanding the inner workings of our planet lie. The seafloor is our window into the dynamic, fundamental processes that generate natural disasters, produce oil and mineral resources, create and destroy oceans and continents, build mountains and islands, and foster life.

The Deep Ocean Exploration Institute:

* explores how our dynamic planet evolves and changes

* examines the basic forces that create earthquakes and volcanoes

* develops technology related to seafloor observatories and deep-submergence vehicles

* investigates unusual chemosynthetic communities of life on and below the seafloor

* explores potential new energy and mineral resources in the oceans

The Ocean Life Institute explores the oceans extraordinary diversity of life-from microbes or whales-to identify ways to sustain healthy marine environments and to learn about the origin and evolution of life on Earth. The more we look into the oceans, the more we find remarkable life forms thriving in environments ranging from Antarctic sea ice to the volcanic crust below the seafloor.

The Ocean Life Institute:

* explores biodiversity in the oceans

* finds ways to monitor and sustain the health of marine ecosystems

* studies marine life's physiological and ecological adaptations

* investigates the evolution oflife in Earths oceans

* develops new techniques and instruments to explore ocean life

The Ocean and Climate Change Institute seeks to understand the role of the ocean in regulating Earth's climate and to improve our ability to forecast future climate change. …

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