Magazine article Tikkun

What We're Doing

Magazine article Tikkun

What We're Doing

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AS WE LISTEN TO MEMBERS OF TIKKUN COMmunity and Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP) chapters around the country, one point of discussion keeps arising. What is the relationship between the Tikkun Community and the Network of Spiritual Progressives? Are the two groups inclusive or exclusive of one another? If I join one group, am I a member of the other? Are they in competition with one another? Let us share a few thoughts, which we hope will provide some clarity.

The Tikkun Community's goal is to build an international network of people who share an intellectual and spiritual perspective. We are activist social healers bringing a progressive spiritual politics into the world. We are supportive of one another and help each other sustain a commitment to a transformative social agenda. Members of the Tikkun Community seek to spread a recognition of our interconnectedness, of the spiritual dimension of life, and of the necessity for a New Bottom Line in all of our economic and social institutions.

Many Tikkun Community chapters have a special focus on healing the situation in Israel/Palestine. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict impacts the entire world. No clearer example is needed of two groups of people, each with its story of trauma and dehumanization of the other, who must learn how to tell the other side's narrative in a convincing and compassionate way. Only when both sides recognize that both have virtues, as well as faults, can they hope to move to a real reconciliation of the heart.

The Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP), a project of the Tikkun Community, represents the application of the Tikkun perspective to America. We are an interfaith organization composed of people who are religious, "spiritual but not religious," or secular and who support a politics of meaning. We believe that we not only have material needs, but have spiritual (meaning) needs as well. We bring this perspective to American society to bridge the artificial binaries of Right/Left, red/blue, and religious/secular.

Our goal is to reclaim the spiritual dimension of American society from the Religious Right and to challenge the hostility to spiritual concerns in some sectors of the Left. …

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